Independent Contractor / Virtual Assistant

Independent Contractors (ICs) and Virtual Assistants (VAs) are highly-trained professionals who provide a myriad of services, usually remotely, to meet express needs of entrepreneurs and businesses. They cultivate long-term collaborative relationships with these people and organizations, working either for finite periods of time or on specified tasks or projects. Their expertise fills gaps that may exist in-house while allowing employees to focus on other business priorities.

Advantages Of Contracting With ICs and VAs

Employees are considered an accounting "liability". Independent Contractors and Virtual Assistants are not employees and thus do not contribute to this liability.

Services are provided for a specified, finite time period or on a per-project basis only

ICs and VAs work remotely, thus requiring no office, furniture, computer and other office equipment or other resources of the business.

Businesses do not withhold taxes, do not provide benefits to the IC/VA, and do not pay for idle time (breaks, vacation, sick time). 


Rates will vary according to the time commitment or complexity of the project contracted for as well as the level of expertise required to successfully achieve the agreed upon goals. Special consideration may be given to 501(c) and 527 tax-exempt organizations; please reference your non-profit credentials when requesting rate information. 

Please request a quote by using the information on the "Contact" page of this website.



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