Recommendations, Acknowledgements & Endorsements

Stanford / NovoEd

"Susan initiated the "Doing Well by Doing Good" group for in this course. From the beginning she managed the group by carefully creating a coherent and selected team. She also was a fantastic team leader dealing with practical and organizational issues in a timely and efficient manner. She showed a lot of energy, professionalism, and brought very valuable inputs and ideas to the group. She was instrumental in helping finish the assignments on time and went beyond the expected role and workload of the group. I highly recommend her as a leader and project manager for future endeavors."

Giorgio Pauletto
Geneva, Switzerland

"Susan is great Team Leader and is very organized. She is an excellent communicator and is passionate about her work. She is very creative and collaborates with others well. I would recommend working with her on a future project."

Gayle DeHaan-Garland
Ft. Myers, Florida


Manager of Governance, American Society of Anesthesiologists

“It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation in support of Susan Singer. Susan and I have worked together on multiple occasions to resolve issues impacting related associations.

The caliber of excellence she brings to her work is unmatched. One component of Susan’s professional arsenal, which cannot be appreciated until you’ve worked with her, is her ability to cut through the non-essentials, and get to the meat of an issue.

Susan provides a unique combination of talents, in that she has both a keen business mind, and an excellent ability to work with people. Her people skills make her an outstanding candidate for any organization.

Susan is a dedicated and energetic person, and one which any organization would be fortunate to have."

Stuart A. Hayman, M.S., Executive Director
New York State Society of Anesthesiology

“Susan is extremely knowledgeable, in working with her I always found that the information she provided was accurate and precise. She is prompt to address issues as they occur. It was always a pleasure working with Susan.”

Chris Bacak, Executive Director, Texas Society of Anesthesiologists

“I worked with Susan in her capacity as Manager of Governance at the American Society of Anesthesiologists. In my experience she demonstrated the ability to handle multiple complex projects with superlative attention to detail. She is professional in her work and also friendly and responsive. She very quickly understood the structure, function and culture of a large professional membership organization.

I believe Susan will be an asset in many management capacities."

Barbara Baldwin, CEO
California Society of Anesthesiologists

“Susan is a superb association professional. As an executive of one of the ASA's component societies, I greatly value her expert advice, wisdom, responsiveness and approachability.”

Kari Glisson, CAE, Executive Director, Florida Society of Anesthesiologists

“Susan is the consummate professional. Her organizational skills, knowledge of governance structure, and ability to juggle multiple complex projects at the same time are beyond comparison.”

Gerald A. Maccioli, MD, FCCM, Director, North Carolina, American Society of Anesthesiologists

Research Associate, National Center for Learning & Teaching in Nanoscale Science and Engineering

“Susan’s work was always detail-oriented and she completed her tasks quickly yet accurately. She always kept a positive and professional attitude through all kinds of work challenges. This inevitably had a positive impact on her co-workers and made it a pleasure to work with her.”

Yuko Nagaki Izzo, Research Associate, MRI, Northwestern University

Field Director, Richard Day Research

“Susan is a great boss. Susan is a good team leader. She is smart and fair. Susan will not accept poor performance but also will give a person a chance to correct their actions. Susan trained me and assisted me in the right direction to become a Interviewer Supervisor.”

Ric Grothe, Executive Interviewer Supervisor, Richard Day Research


SJR 42 Passes the Illinois House (abridged video; unedited video)

SJR 42 Passes the Illinois Senate (video)


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