Curriculum vitae

Independent Contractor (2011-Present)

Delivers fact-based, customized solutions through the employment of Advanced Project Management principles that are consistent with clients’ organizational structure and culture. Projects include but are not limited to:

  • Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Effective Distributed Teams
  • Governance at the Organizational, Business Unit or Program and Project Levels
  • "Operationalization" of Projects
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Policy Development, Articulation, and Adoption
  • Project Management and Establishing PMOs
  • Process Improvement and Streamlining
  • Strategic Planning Preparation, Development, Implementation and Alignment
  • Virtual Assistance, Projects as Assigned

Asimetagraf (2015)

Program Compliance Manager, 2015 Season

  • US exports program
  • Liaise with non-profit cooperator in compliance with federal agency standards
  • Reporting as mandated on behalf of in-country representative

American Society of Anesthesiologists (2007-2010)

Outside Consultant (2007-2008) and Manager of Governance: Project Manager III (2008-2010)

  • Successfully implemented the governance component of the three-year Organizational Improvement Initiative and oversaw a budget area of $900,000+
  • Reduced meetings handbook costs from $11,000 in February 2008 to $633 in October 2010 by instituting a “green initiative” that eliminated nearly all paper publications.
  • Streamlined operational, labor and process structures to serve a 44,000-member organization with a total force of three staff.
  • Employed advanced project management (APM) techniques to align policy-related activities with strategic objectives. Monitored, guided and supported the activities of 107 committees, subcommittees, ad hoc committees, editorial boards and distributed teams through objective project tracking, data collection, and the creation and maintenance of an organization-wide “audit trail”.
  • Collaborated with nine internal departments, interconnecting the matrices and eliminating duplication of efforts; served as liaison to several committees as well as ASA’s three major governing bodies: the Administrative Council, Board of Directors and House of Delegates.
  • A full description of duties and responsibilities is available on the following page

National Center for Learning and Teaching in Nanoscale Science and Engineering (NCLT)(2006-2007)

Renamed (2011) Nanotechnology Center for Learning and Teaching

Research Associate: Project Manager

  • Project managed eight distributed teams comprised of members from ten universities and Argonne National Laboratory over one-year contract period.
  • Researched and prepared proprietary white papers on nanoscience, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, and wrote press releases and contributed website content
  • Collaborated with the International Virtual Institute (IVI) toward the NSF-mandated launch of the NanoEd Resource Portal, which was completed in advance of the required date. Tracked and analyzed server data to determine impact on the scientific community of the Center’s websites.

Youth Job Center of Evanston (2006)

Outside Consultant: Process Improvement

  • Adapted, without sacrificing state-required elements, a technology education module by reducing the course duration 25% to counter an unacceptable student attrition rate.
  • Taught the first class of 18- to-25-year-old, at-risk youth exposed to the redesigned content.
  • 87.5% of the students enrolled – 62.5% of whom had felony convictions – were graduated and hired by community partners.

Richard Day Research (2004-2006)

Field Director: Project Manager

  • Assembled and prepared project teams to conduct as many as seven concurrent, industry-specific studies for clients in the financial, pharmaceutical, non-profit, education, government and legal arenas.
  • With team of six shift supervisors, instructed and guided a staff of 64 data collection researchers in bias-free interview techniques consistent with CASRO standards.

Other Affiliations

Wolf PAC (2013 – present) Volunteer Director, Illinois Chapter

Harvard Business Review Advisory Council (2012 – present) Opt-in research community 

McKinsey Quarterly Executive Panel (2012 – present) Opt-in research community

AWIS Education Task Force (2012) Member 

Lifeboat Foundation (2011-2012) Advisory Board Member 

Space Renaissance International (2011-Present) Secretaire General; Member, Executive Committee. Member, Board of Directors and Interim Corporate Officer of SRI USA (2013-Present)

Taproot Foundation (2011-Present) Pro Bono Consultant and Project Manager with over 300 hours delivered on service grants


Operations Management | Governance and Policy | Executive Level Project, Program and Portfolio Management | PMO Initiation | Start Ups and Scale Ups | Process Improvement and Streamlining Initiatives | Strategic Planning and Alignment to Strategic Objectives | Change Management | Distributed Teams | Research and Writing

Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM) | Project Management (PM III)


Serving Public, Private, Non-profit Sectors and Academia | Consulting | Research



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